Style High sense design
Inherent unique charm, shining from the inside out
  • · Butterfly wing type grille, talent is hard to hide
  • · Dynamic body, enterprising attitude is superb
  • · LED dazzling light, brilliant visual feast
  • · Electric heating rearview mirrors, streamlined appearance
Power Feel the high energy
With the extraordinary control explore the vast world at ease
  • · BlueCore 1.6L GDI all-aluminum engine, enjoying the extraordinary power
  • · Originally imported Aisin 3rd generation 6AT transmission, responsive and powerful
  • · STT system, free to run in the city
  • · 48V energy recovery acceleration assist system, technological
  • interpretation of wonderful travel
Intelligence High quality life
Forward-thinking intelligent technology realizing your extraordinary ideas
  • · Dual-screen interactive function, intelligent human-computer interaction
  • enjoying the future
  • · Co-pilot touch screen, full of interactive fun
  • · Full-speed ACC with Stop/Go, intelligent driving and stopping
  • · inCall 3.0 intelligent interconnect system, smart life starts now
Safety Enjoy the high standard protection
Strong security guard clearing all the obstacles ahead
  • · HEEAB high stiffness energy absorbing frame body
  • guarding you and your family
  • · PAB warning auxiliary braking system
  • foresee the road ahead
  • · Right blind spot monitoring, away from the blind spot
  • · 6 airbags+5 airbag sensors, full care in emergency
Feel the high comfort
Exquisite carving of the driving space gentle and enjoyable
  • · Superior interior space, spacious and comfortable
  • · 35 storage spaces, careful design brings ingenious convenience
  • · The driving seat with electric memory, multiple care and enjoy
  • · Forest Air purification system, all the way with fresh air

Alsvin 2022 Full Option Specifications