New design leads fashion
The design is not only about the style but also burst out with a new visual impact
  • · Fashion headlamp front face design shows the charm of strength
  • · LED lights give the amazing visual senses
  • · Brand-new 19 inches rims show the power of SUV
  • · Family interior design, showing light extravagant fashion charm
Fantastic power gives the fun of drive
Thirst not only for strong power but also the driving fun
  • · New generation BlueCore 280T direct injection turbocharged engine
  • · STT start and stop system to make a more economical and environmental travel
  • · More than 10 items of vibration and noise control technology ensure high NVH level
  • · Japanese originally imported Aisin third generation 6 AT transmission
  • easy to control the driving
Intelligent technology to experience the convenience
Science and technology is not only about innovation, but also on upgrading andconvenient innovation experience.
  • · APA 4.0 auto parking system – easy parking with one-click button
  • · Speed voice controlled by ACC full speed adaptive cruise system
  • · Double screen intelligent interaction, new experience of
  • human-computer interaction
  • · Upgraded In Call intelligent system makes the trip more fun
Intelligent security fearlessly going forward
    Security is more than just solid frame but the advanced prevention
  • · Panoramic road recording system protects your road safety
  • · Bosch New Generation AEB early warning Auxiliary braking system
  • to realize pedestrian identification and early warning
  • · LCDA intelligent parallel auxiliary system, early warning to avoid
  • rear-end collision
Comfortable control
The details are meticulous in order to provide superior pleasure
  • · 10.25 inches suspension central screen, cinematic level visual experience
  • · Intelligent panoramic skylight, human-computer interaction experience
  • · PEPS capacitance induction keyless entry opens a pleasant journey
  • · Late night mute level NVH, language clarity improved by 3%