Stylish design outstanding figure
Unassumingly shows off boldness and glamour Not condescending, but stands out of ordinary
  • · Sport coupe design gives an irresistible charm
  • · The star diamond headlamp gives out a dazzling light
  • · Encircling cabin to create an interstellar driving experience
  • · Nebula wheel hub shows the full dynamic and tension
Perfect powertrain releases full passion
Move, fast as water falling off the high mountains Stop, quiet as the tranquil deep sea.
  • · Bluecore 2.0 T + Aisin 8 AT - perfect dynamic combination
  • creates extraordinary acceleration
  • · Bosh Electronic stable braking system keep you calm while driving
  • · All series electronic gear shift creates a smooth driving sense
  • · Fantastic suspension system performance makes the driving journey fun
Luxury and exquisite character
Born fastidious with light extravagant quality Focus on both outside and inside, with a sense of pride.
  • · 48 excellent suppliers worldwide ensure the great quality
  • · Luxury sports seat, perfect fusion of wrapping feeling and sports sense
  • · “Forest Air” air purification system ensures the quality car life
  • · High quality driving experience, the comfort comes from the pursuit of details
Intelligent driving system
    keeps you calm when you are on the road
  • · Tencent TAI vehicle intelligent system makes the car smart and charming
  • · IACC integrated adaptive cruise system makes autopilot possible
  • · APA4.0 auto parking system, easy to solve the parking problems
  • · LCDA Parallel Auxiliary system to improve driving Safety
Comfortable control
The details are meticulous in order to provide superior pleasure
  • · 10.25 inches suspension central screen, cinematic level visual experience
  • · Intelligent panoramic skylight, human-computer interaction experience
  • · PEPS capacitance induction keyless entry opens a pleasant journey
  • · Late night mute level NVH, language clarity improved by 3%