Horizon Rear Tail Lamp

The rear tail lamp lights up like a
magnificent red horizon, conveying
a glowing and pulsating visual experience.

Intelligent Infotainment System

Equipped with 12-inch HD touch
screen, high definition, fast reaction
smooth touching.
Promptvoice control realizing
multi function to make driving

Leather Seats

Unique leather treatment is crafted
to provide top-comfort cabin
experience.Equipped with
pre-tensioned force limiting seat
belt to secure the high safety.
The driver’s seat can be adjusted
electrically in 8 directions,
2-way lumbar support, with memory function.

R 20 Rims Design

CS95 owns CHANGAN’s largest body
size, it grabs attention by the
incredible hardcore & wild
impression. The R 20 is painted
high-gloss &high-sheen finish
multi-spoke design, it performs a
great degree of silence and smoothness.

Dot Matrix Grille

Based on the geometric use of
multi-function, breaking the
traditional grille design,
creating a unique futuristic digital image.

CS 95 Classic Specifications

CS 95 Royal Specifications