Eye catching fashion design
Inherent unique charm, shining from the inside out
  • Butterfly wing type grille, talent is hard to hide
  • Dynamic body, enterprising attitude is superb
  • LED dazzling light, brilliant visual feast
  • Electric heating rearview mirrors, streamlined appearance
Enjoy the interconnection, fashion is my style.
Born by interest, gathered for love
  • Deep integration with Tecent “All in Car” eco system
  • Person-car interconnection, person-person interconnection and person-content
  • interconnection,easily connect you with the wonderful world
  • Equipped with Incall 3.0 intelligent system, start your carefree car life.
  • 10.25 inches smart screen and touch screen at passenger seat.
Intelligence High quality life
An extraordinary texture shows the elegant temperament
  • Panoramic skylight, utterly silence increase the fun of driving
  • Nappa grain leather seats, Spacious and comfortable driving space
  • PM2.5 filter + plasma generator, create the forest- like natural fresh air.
  • Rear row independent air conditioning outlet cares about you
Carefree driving – Never afraid
Fearless of potential risks and safety is always on guard
  • Equipped with “ACC with Stop/Go” full speed adaptive cruise.
  • PAB active brake warning system, protect every ride
  • AVM 360°panoramic imaging system, all the blindside is visible
  • BOSCH ESP 9.3 Electronic Stability Control system,
  • easy to cope with all the road conditions

CS 35 Plus 2023 Full Option Specifications

CS 35 Plus 2023 Mid Option Specifications