Dazzling design aesthetics
Inspiration of natural design and exploration of life aesthetic
  • · Obsidian grille, shine brightly from the inside
  • · Leaping wavy body design, experience the fast and furious
  • · Obsidian 3D rear design wins all the attention
  • · LED headlamp brighten up the road ahead
Strong power
No worries when you driving on the road enjoy the fun of driving
  • · BlueCore new generation 1.5T VVT DOHC engine
  • · 48V energy recovery acceleration assistance system, excellent fuel saving
  • · Aisin new generation 6 AT transmission, easy to control
  • · STT intelligent fuel saving system, save for the dream journey
Intelligent driving
Intelligent and convenient features enjoy the fun of driving all the way
  • · IACC integrated adaptive cruise system offers intelligent driving
  • · TSR speed limit identification to cover all the changes on the way
  • · FAB automatic lamp control, illuminating the front journey
  • · LCDA intelligent parallel auxiliary system, no worries for the further driving
Safety driving
Eliminate the hidden dangers all the time to protect your driving pleasure
  • · LAS Lane Auxiliary system, helps go "straight"
  • and refuse to run off lane
  • · Early warning auxiliary braking system,
  • multiple intelligent protections
  • · TPMS Intelligent tire pressure monitoring system
  • say goodbye to the risks.
  • · The visual system of the right blind area
Comfortable space
Super cabin space ensures every comfortable journey
  • · 35 wide storage spaces to accommodate your imagination
  • · “Forest Air” air cleaning system ensures the forest clean air all the time
  • · AM3D high quality 3D sound effect to provide audio feast
  • · Multifunctional leather steering wheel, control all the function with your fingers.